“The Mime” Is a Finalist!

My short story “The Mime” was just selected as a finalist in the 12th Glass Woman Prize competition. The story is included in my collection “Fog and Other Stories” (StoneGarden.net Publishing) and was a partial inspiration for my novel “Jenny Kidd,” which is now available from bookstores and online retailers (Vagabondage Press). You can read the story: http://www.sigriddaughter.com/GlassWomanPrize.htm


About Laury A. Egan

The author of "The Outcast Oracle" (A Kirkus Reviews "Best Book of 2013"); "Fog and Other Stories'" a psychological suspense novel, "Jenny Kidd'" and "Fabulous! An Opera Buffa" (forthcoming, 2018). Poetry: two full-length collections: "Snow, Shadows, a Stranger" and "Beneath the Lion's Paw;" and a chapbook, "The Sea & Beyond," all issued in limited editions. For many years, she worked as a senior designer and administrator for Princeton University Press and later as a freelancer for 20 publishers.
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One Response to “The Mime” Is a Finalist!

  1. Ruth says:

    Congratulations! Great story!

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