A Wonderful Review of “Jenny Kidd!”

A Short Story America reader, Rick Hartwell, posted a very kind review of “Jenny Kidd” on Amazon:

“What a Trip! (5 stars)
Laury Egan’s novel Jenny Kidd is, just that, a real trip; for the eponymous central character: literally, artistically, metaphorically, and emotionally. By turns an artful depiction of Venice seen through an artist’s eyes, a well-crafted mystery of murder and art forgery, Jenny’s enticement into a world of old Venetian aristocracy, her growing sensual attraction to Caterina Barbon – evolving to a torrid, erotic involvement with her, then devolving to a twisted and sinister affaire macabre with Caterina and her Janus-faced brother Sebastiano – and finally the emotional arousal, disillusionment, and resurrection of Jenny’s individual personhood.

Egan’s prose is a natural extension of her poetic voice (see her collections: “Snow, Shadows, a Stranger” and “Beneath the Lion’s Paw”) and her elegantly-drawn characters in Jenny Kidd are natural extensions of the craft she exhibited first in her collection of short fiction, “Fog and Other Stories.”

I first encountered Laury Egan’s brilliance through one of her short stories. Its intricately-drawn characters, unique plot and deft use of language then steered me to her poetry. Her poetry is exquisite and I eagerly awaited the release of this, her first novel. I am not disappointed. It is not common for an author to be accomplished in multiple genre; however, Laury Egan’s abilities are not common and she is so accomplished. I can only hope, and you should too, that she is hard at work on her next literary success!”



About Laury A. Egan

The author of "The Outcast Oracle" (A Kirkus Reviews "Best Book of 2013"); "Fog and Other Stories'" a psychological suspense novel, "Jenny Kidd'" and "Fabulous! An Opera Buffa" (forthcoming, 2018). Poetry: two full-length collections: "Snow, Shadows, a Stranger" and "Beneath the Lion's Paw;" and a chapbook, "The Sea & Beyond," all issued in limited editions. For many years, she worked as a senior designer and administrator for Princeton University Press and later as a freelancer for 20 publishers.
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