Fog and Other Stories is a Saboteur Award Finalist!

My collection Fog and Other Stories has been nominated for a Saboteur Award. If you would help me out by voting for “Fog” in Category 5, I would be really grateful. (Also, if you’re so inclined, I strongly recommend votes for Synthetic Saints by Jason Rolfe (Vagabondage Press) in Category 1 and also Image anthology in Category 11.)
This only takes a minute and the outcome depends on how many votes each book receives. Go to Item 1: Vote (and click on the link to open up the voting page.)

Many thanks! Best, Laury A. Egan


About Laury A. Egan

The author of "The Outcast Oracle" (A Kirkus Reviews "Best Book of 2013"); "Fog and Other Stories'" a psychological suspense novel, "Jenny Kidd'" and "Fabulous! An Opera Buffa" (forthcoming, 2018). Poetry: two full-length collections: "Snow, Shadows, a Stranger" and "Beneath the Lion's Paw;" and a chapbook, "The Sea & Beyond," all issued in limited editions. For many years, she worked as a senior designer and administrator for Princeton University Press and later as a freelancer for 20 publishers.
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