Authors’ Virtual Tour: Gregg Cusick, featured author

Gregg Cusick, author of My Father Moves Through Time Like a Dirigible and Other Stories

I’ve been chuckling to myself. Seems like I’ve called this a Virtual Authors’ Tour (as have others). So, what is a Virtual Author? Hmm? Well, in this installment, I would like to introduce you to a writer who is quite real and very excited about having his first book published.

Gregg Cusick and I “met” a few years ago after our stories appeared in Short Story America. Ever since, we’ve exchanged enthusiastic comments. I’ve been eagerly waiting his collection and intend on placing the book on the top of my reading pile once it arrives. You should, too.

Gregg has received great acclaim for his short fiction. He is a winner of the Lorian Hemmingway Short Story Competition, Florida Review’s Editor’s Prize, Ernest Hemingway Festival Fiction Prize, E.M. Koeppel Award, Robert Ruark Fiction Prizes, as well as many other prestigious contests. He holds a master’s degree in Creative Writing from North Carolina State University, where he later taught composition, and has had 25 stories published in literary journals and anthologies, 14 of which will appear in his new collection: My Father Moves Through Time Like a Dirigible and Other Stories (Livingston Press of the University of West Alabama), to be released October 1, 2014.

About My Father Moves Through Time Like a Dirigible:

A small town suicide ripples through the lives of a series of acquaintances. An aging professor wavers before his class while reliving the sinking of his WWII troop ship where hundreds perished. A middle-aged woman confronts her dying abuser of thirty years before. And in the title story, an old man recalls his boyhood view of his father and the great rigid airship Shenandoah that passed over just hours before its dramatic crash. In these stories, ordinary, yet remarkable individuals face common human challenges in original, often surprising ways.

An Excerpt:

“Lakehurst, NJ. September 2, 1925. 2:52 p.m. Despite objections of Commander Zachary Lansdowne, an Ohio native, fearing line squalls and late-summer storms, the navy orders the 682-foot blimp Shenandoah to set off for its tour of Midwest state fairs. As Lansdowne and his crew of forty in the rigid airship sail out over the pine woods of New Jersey, his wife watching from the ground turns her head away. So do wives and families of the other crewmen who have come to the field. It is considered bad luck to watch your husband’s ship fade out of sight.”

Some Advance Comments:

“Gregg Cusick’s prose reaches a zenith few fiction writers ever achieve: the ability to make the reader ponder both the internal and external intricacies of the human condition. His grasp of craft is impeccable, but more indelible are the depths of wisdom and humanity he offers in words that strike not one false note. His prose contains substrates—subtle and variable—that only the most seasoned of writers can render. Each story in this collection comes full circle, each voice is so solidly unique, and each leaves us philosophically more rich, more attuned to the empathic sense with which Cusick imbues his work. It is not overstatement to predict that Gregg Cusick will prove to be one of the finest literary writers of our time.”—Lorian Hemingway, author of Walk on Water

“This is one fine collection of smart, irresistible stories, written by a brilliant storyteller.”
—George Singleton, author of Between Wrecks

“Cusick’s viewpoint is dead-on though compassionate; his language is exact, clear, and lovely. My Father Moves Through Time Like a Dirigible is the most rewarding collection of new fiction I have read in years.”—Lee Smith, author of Guests on Earth

Gregg CusickCusick cover
Available October 1 in hardcover ($30) and trade paperback ($17.95), Livingston Press

Livingston Press:

Gregg’s website:


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